Golden Guardian

Story Two of the Colors Collection

Izzy Gildspine is a member of the Defender Army, hoping to someday earn the title of Golden Guardian. But before she can do that, she must earn her Gem’s specialty magic... and time is running out. So when the Master Guardian himself approaches Izzy and fellow Defender Roscoe Wendigo with a means to activate her Gem, Izzy immediately takes him up on it. But Izzy quickly discovers that forcing a Gem’s activation is no walk in the park - and now her life is at stake, as well as Roscoe’s. Izzy must find the courage and strength to pass this trial and earn her place as a Golden Guardian... before the trial takes her life.

White Assassin

Story Three of The Colors Collection

Trecheon Omnir isn't happy with his life. His motorcycle repair shop barely keeps him afloat, his family has abandoned him, and his experiences in war make it difficult to relate to others. So when his friend and fellow war veteran Neil Black offers him an out, he takes it without question. But Trecheon finds out too late that this "out" is actually an initiation into the world of assassins. Now he must overcome fear, deception, and guilt in order to turn this bad situation into something he can live with and become the profession's first White Assassin.

Winner of an Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future Contest

Tanned Hide

Story Four of The Colors Collection

Neil Black is a run-down assassin desperately looking for his magic hit -  the one hit on a drug lord or a dictator that might save thousands from addiction and oppression. So when he glimpses that magic hit in the form of a big time mob boss, he takes the chance and gets his dream hit. He doesn’t, however, predict the horrific cost that his parents and younger brother may have to pay after he succeeds. Now it’s up to Neil and his fellow assassin Trecheon Omnir to use all their skills and knowledge to fight the coming storm – before Neil’s family become the mob’s next victims.