Lance Tox

Height: 6'2"
Species: White Wolf
Gem Specialty: Ice Fabrication
Rank: Master Guardian
First Appearance: Red Wounds

Lance Tox is the most recent Master Guardian of the Defenders and the Head of State in the small country of Zedric on the continent of Yelar on Zyearth. Lance is considered to be one of the most successful Master Guardians in the Defender's history because of his policies and his prowess in war. Lance is old for a Master Guardian, just over three hundred years old and in his final century of life, which means his senses are slowing down, hence the glasses.

Darvin Wendigo

Height: 7'2" (without antlers) 7'10" (with antlers in season)
Species: Stag
Gem Specialty: Cloaker
Rank: Grandis Regini (Commissioned Officer)
First Appearance: Black Bound

Darvin is the Defender's head Cloaker and a close friend of Matt. Darvin was a late bloomer for his Gem specialty, getting his Gem power almost three years after graduating from academy. Darvin was the first Defender to encounter Ouranos in The Stolen Guardian and is also the first Defender to keep his mind after being transformed into a Cast.

Roscoe Wendigo

Height: 7'2" (with antlers)
Species: Stag
Gem Specialty: Earth Manipulator
Rank: Chief (Commissioned Officer)
First Appearance: Red Wounds

Roscoe has been a Defender most of his adult life, but he didn't gain his Gem's specialty until several years after he had left the Academy. Roscoe is very active. Running is one of his favorite activities. During his high school years, he met Matt Azure and Izzy Gildspine and he courted Izzy during their time at the Academy. During one of his early missions on Zyearth, he came into contact with Ouranos of the Athanatos and was transformed into a Cast. Currently he's stuck in this state.

Sami Girsougon

Height: 5'2"
Species: Arctic Fox
Gem Specialty: Fire Fabricator
Rank: Grandis Chief (Commissioned Officer)
First Appearance: The Stolen Defender\

Sami is a young Defender eager to prove herself. She's one of the few elemental users in the Defender ranks, and one of only seventeen fire fabricators. A bit of a pyromaniac, she loves her element and she often has to fight to keep herself in check when using her power full strength. Sami is a bit of what Matt and Izzy call a "stiff", a Defender who sticks closely to the Defender army rules, but once she gets to know whoever is in her company, she's more inclined to loosen up.

Dr. Jaymes Fogg

Height: 6'0"
Species: Quilar
Gem Specialty: Fire Fabricator
Rank: Gem Specialist and Biologist
First Appearance: Black Bound

Dr. Jaymes Fogg is the Defender's Gem and biology specialist. He is also Matt and Izzy's foster father, who took them in after their parents died. Jaymes came to the content of Yelar from a small island archipelago on the other side of the planet and he speaks in broken English because of this. He's very dedicated to his adoptive children, though he's also dedicated to his work. He likes to spend his spare time working on personal biology projects. He has fire fabrication powers, though he has never spent much time developing it so his powers are rather weak.

Dr. Aric Tessla

Height: 6'1"
Species: Cheetah
Gem Specialty: Electricity Fabricator
Rank: Robotics Expert
First Appearance: The Stolen Guardian

Dr. Aric Tessla is a robotics specialist, dealing mainly with energy and robotic prosthetics. He's very skittish and often struggles with the formality of the army. He's a brilliant roboticist however, and is responsible for a lot of the more recent prosthetic replacement technology. He has very little trust in his own abilities, however.