Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Matthew Azure

Height: 6'4"
Species: Short haired quilar
Gem Specialty: Elemental - Wind Manipulation
Rank: Golden Guardian
First Appearance: Red Wounds

Matt is the other half of the Golden Guardian team in the Defender army. Matt's wind manipulation abilities allow him to be the more offensive side of the team, so if a mission gets hot, Matt's usually the one who helps get them out of a jam. Matt loves his wind manipulation abilities, even though it's one of the weaker elemental abilities that Gems can manifest.

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Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Izzy Gildspine

Height: 5'4"
Species: Short haired quilar
Gem Specialty: Healing
Rank: Golden Guardian
First Appearance: Red Wounds

Izzy is one half of the Defender's Golden Guardian team, a team designed to be the first to investigate dangerous situations and help the Defenders decide if a full intervention is needed. The Golden Guardians are reputed to be the most powerful Defenders on planet Zyearth, but Izzy feels like this is highly exaggerated and often feels inadequate in battle. To make up for her lack of Gem power, Izzy is a hobby body builder. She uses her physical strength as a means to keep a strong presence.

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Ouranos of the Athanatos

Height: 7'0"
Species: Athánatos quilar
Ei-Ei Jewel Specialty: Weather Wielder
Rank: Pringkips (Prince) of the Athánatos Tribe
First Appearance: The Stolen Guardian

Ouranos is the Pringkips, or prince, of the Athánatos royal family. Like all Athánatos, Ouranos is a Weather Wielder, meaning he can manipulate or fabricate any element related to weather. This includes everything from earth (earthquakes) to ice (snow) and even fire. Ouranos, being royalty, also has the ability to summon the eight phoenixes of the Phonar Order of Draso

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