It's A Meenanful Life

Posts about R. A. Meenan and her crazy life with her loving husband and four cats. Also, probably dragons.


Author Life

The crazy and awesome life of being an author with novel rewrites, crazy wendigos and sometimes llamas making faces.

Ten Minute Freewrites

In which this author picks random pictures and writing prompts and writes for ten minutes straight with some interesting results. The best part? YOU get to choose what I write about next. Suggest a prompt by emailing me at!

Book Reviews

Want to know what books I enjoy (or don't enjoy)? Click through to read my book reviews! Want a review for your own book? Email me at and let me know!

Game Review

I'm a big fan of games, but I'm also a critical thinker, so sometimes I look at games from a different perspective than the average player. Check out this link for reviews and discussion of game psychology.

Character Creation

Most Zyearth characters have a crazy history for how they were created. Want to know more? Click through to see your favorite character histories!

Character Spotlight

Many Zyearth characters have extensive backgrounds. Want to know more about your favorite Zyearth characters? Check out the link below!